Christmas Trees

Here at Anne Ellen, our main focus is on providing some of the best fresh cut christmas trees in the area.  We have upwards of 50,000 trees planted throughout our fields and every year we bring in over 2,500 pre cut trees of all different varieties.  Scroll down to learn more about the trees we offer


PreCut Trees

Every year we bring in an array of different trees from other farms throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Most of these trees are varieties that will not grow in New Jersey.  All of our pre cut trees are fresh and have not been sitting around for months, unlike some of the big box stores.  All of the pre cut trees are located on racks under spotlights, which make them available from open to close, unlike the cut-your-own which close at 4.  

Precut varieties we offer:

Frasier Fir                Balsam Fir

Douglas Fir              Noble Fir

Nordman Fir            Blue Spruce


Please call for availability of The particular variety you are looking for.

Typically pre-cut trees are more expensive than ones you cut from our field, as pricing reflects the total price we pay for them, including the size and variety of the tree.  In order to get an accurate price for a particular tree, it is best to come in and check out our selection, at which point one of our salespeople can give you the most accurate price.  Pre cut trees start at $70.

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Cut Your Own

With over 50,000 trees in our fields, you will find your perfect Christmas tree!  every year we open our fields up to families looking for the best Christmas experience: chopping down your own tree.


Cut your own varieties: 

Blue Spruce            Norway Spruce

White Pine             Cannan Fir

Douglas Fir

We have saws available for use or you may bring your own saw.  We also have tractors circling the fields that will bring your tree the baling area.  Pricing depends the size of the tree.  We ask that all trees be cut as low to the ground as possible.


Field cutting closes at 4:30

Field tree pricing:

  • Any tree from 1ft-8ft: $70

  • 8-9ft: $85

  • 9ft-15ft: $15 per foot

  • 15ft and up $20 per foot

We would like all of our customers to be aware of the recent tree crisis.  Due to environmental and economic factors, fresh cut trees are becoming more difficult to find and to grow.  We will always have trees available both in our fields and as precuts.  Precut pricing has gone up as a result of the problems many christmas tree farms are facing.  Our farm is not immune to these problems either.  Please be mindful of this when visiting the farm.    

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