Here's the answers to some of the questions we get asked the most.

How long does it take a tree to grow?
It takes our trees upwards of ten years to grow into a fully sized tree. 
Where is the best place to put the tree inside of my house?

We recommend the coolest spot in your house and away from any heat source (fireplaces, heating vents). Water daily and add PROLONG, available for purchase in our stop. 

How long will a tree last?


A Christmas tree should last around three weeks in a house.  Due to the trees being natural, they might last longer or shorter.  

When is the best time to cut a tree?


We recommend cutting a tree no earlier than thanksgiving weekend in order for the tree to stay fresh until Christmas.

When will Santa be there?


Santa is normally at our farm on the weekends only, from 9AM to 5PM.  After that, he's on his way back to the North Pole to finish loading up his sleigh for Christmas night. 

How busy do you get?


On the weekends we get quite busy.  On our peak weekends, it is normal to have to wait in excess of an hour for your tree to come out of the fields, and go through our bailing process.  We recommend that anybody with strict time constraints get to the farm as early as possible or consider coming during a weekday.

Can I bring my Dog?

We love our furry friends! Dogs are only permitted on The Farm when leashed and doggy bags are required since we do not provide them. Dogs are however not permitted in The Village 

Do you take cash or credit cards? 

The Farm takes both cash transactions as well as all major credit cards! 

The Village at Anne Ellen ONLY takes card payments through our booking website 

Do you provide saws?

Yes, we provide hand saws although you may bring your own

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