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Photography Sessions

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Please note: We Do NOT Provide Photographers or Props 

Over the past few years, we've opened our farm up to photographers looking for a great venue to take Christmas photos. Since then we've acquired a variety of photo ops to spice up your photo sessions. We invite you to come visit for truly memorable photo shoots.  Please keep in mind we do not provide photographers at this time, you must bring your own.

Photography sessions are online booking only 

We Offer 3 Different Photography Session Options

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Farm Photography Session

This session allows the use of all of the Christmas tree fields on the farm.  You may brings props of your own to use.  This session does not allow the use of our trucks, tractors, or firetruck.

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Truck Photography Session

The truck photography session allows the use of our 1930's ford flatbed.  You may photograph from the front as well as use the entire bed of the truck to set up the perfect shoot.  Unfortunately the truck cannot be moved or turned for your shoot. This session will also allow you access to the farm.


Tractor Photography Session

This option allows the use of any of the four antique tractors found through the farm.  Throughout different times of the year the tractors can be found at different locations throughout the farm.  Please call to confirm availability and location of the specific tractor you are looking for.  This session will also allow you access to the farm.

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