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The Village at Anne Ellen


About Us

 Your journey begins with a hayride through our fields bringing you to the start of your own hallmark movie. You will follow our winding pathways through our Christmas lights and interactive displays transporting you into a Christmas wonderland like no other. 


Immersive, Interactive, Unforgettable 

Photos with SANTA


Capture Magical Memories With Santa

Experience the enchantment of the holiday season at The Village at Anne Ellen like never before! We've invested in a state-of-the-art photography system to ensure your memories with Santa last a lifetime.

Pricing Options:

1 Digital Photo - $10
1 Print Photo - $15
Best Value: 1 Print + 3 Digital Photos - Only $25!

Create cherished memories with Santa and take home stunning photos to relive the magic. Don't miss this opportunity to make your holiday season truly unforgettable.

New This Year:


Santa's Coal Mine

Delve deep into the earth's embrace as you enter the mine's tunnels. Here, you'll encounter a mesmerizing world where industrious elves, with merry hearts and twinkling eyes, mine the precious coal that fuels the magic of Santa's sleigh. But beware—the same coal is reserved for those who've found themselves on Santa's 'naughty' list


Candy Cane Factory

Step inside our factory and you'll be greeted by the delightful hum of machinery and the cheerful laughter of dedicated elves hard at work. It's here that thousands of candy canes are brought to life, each one a testament to the artistry of the holiday season.

To be explored..

Thousands of lights

Over 100,000 Christmas Lights

Step inside The Village to find yourself mesmerized by the glow of over 30,00 lights illuminating our trails 


The Train Room

A village inside the village?!!? Say less!!

 Step inside our train room where you will find our miniature village complete with a ski slope, snow covered Mountain, ice skating ponds, city scenes and of course various trains running throughout .


Life Sized Igloo

Ever wonder what it felt like to live like an eskimo? Now you can with our life sized igloo. Inside you will be transported to the Arctic with Anne Ellen's favorite penguins. 


The Gingerbread House

At over fourteen feet tall, our gingerbread house is more than life-size. Inside our elves are whipping up some of the best gingerbread cookies this side of the North Pole


Old School Tree Lot

Step into an authentic and nostalgic Christmas tree lot experience that harkens back to the days of yesteryear. Our 'Old School Christmas Tree Lot' is a cherished tradition where families and friends gather to find the perfect tree and create timeless holiday memories


Wall of Lights

At over nine feet tall and covered in over 3,000 lights our entire wall can be controlled at the swipe of a finger. Step up to our podium and show us your best art skills as your drawing comes to life. 


The Cherry Blossom Field

Revel in the beauty of our field full of cherry blossom trees. As you walk amongst our beautifully lit cherry blossom trees. 


The Post Office

Our post office only delivers to the North Pole.  Sit down, write your letter to Santa, place your letter in our magical mailbox, and watch as your letter is flown off directly to Santa

Chocolate Drink

Hot Chocolate 

Your trip to the village is not complete without a stop at our hot chocolate stand, serving some of the best hot drinks, freshest popcorn, and other savory treats.  Please note that food stands are cash only.



Transportation to and from the village will be provided by a hayride through our field of trees. Be sure to bring your jacket, it is sure to get a little chilly!


Giant Wishing Well

Make a wish at our giant wishing well, where dreams take flight, and kindness flows. Each coin tossed into the well helps make wishes come true for those in need.


Photo Ops

The attractions don't stop here, along our winding wooded trails you are sure to find various lighted displays that will be the perfect backdrop for all your Holiday pictures


Santa's House

Explore the nooks and crannies of Santa's House, where you'll discover delightful surprises around every corner. From festive decorations to classic holiday stories, it's a world of wonder waiting to be explored.


Maple Syrup Shack

Step into the heart of the woods, where the crisp winter air carries the promise of something special. The Maple Syrup Shack is nestled among the towering trees, a rustic haven that beckons with its cozy charm.


Shooting Range

Take aim at whimsical holiday-themed targets using soft and safe gel Orbeez ammunition. The satisfying splat and the cheers of victory create moments of pure holiday joy.

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